Wisdom from the readers - Janey Sept 11

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Spring …The time of hope, renewal and new beginnings. As we leave behind the winter days of contemplation and quiet, we are propelled into a whole new energy. As the weather opens up new possibilities, we can turn to the Tarot card ‘The Fool’ for inspiration. ‘The Fool’ embraces faith and hope for fresh journeys and ventures for the coming year.

Astrologically, the combination of Virgo sun and a direct Mercury allows us to be thorough and grounded in planning for the future. The crystal Chrysoprase opens the heart and renews hope. It is ideal for energizing the body and opening us up to new directions.

It is timely now to turn our attention towards planting positive seeds that bless our future with blossoming and fruition.

Janey is available for readings at the Crystal Castle on Thursdays and Sundays. Phone ahead to make your booking. 02 6684 3111

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Wisdom From The Readers - Janey

Tuesday 22 March 2011


In these tumultuous times, when the world seems out of whack, it is important that we seek balance in our daily lives. Balance between work and play, quiet times and busy times and a balance between our inner and outer ways of being.

Fluorite is a good stone to clear and align scattered thoughts. When our mind is focused we can make centered and balanced decisions.

In Tarot and Astrology, the ‘Justice’ card and ‘Libra’ both symbolize the scales, denoting the ability to act from a calm and balanced position that allows honorable solutions. In Palmistry a balance between and equally strong head and heart line is ideal in creating wholeness through integration of heart and mind.

A lovely balancing meditation is the ‘Tree’. Drawing in higher energy from above like the branches of a tree and drawing it through the crown chakra downwards, through the souls of the feet and into the heart of mother Earth, sending her love and discharging any excess energy. We are now balanced between heaven and Earth, centered and ready for whatever the day brings us and ready to receive and give equally.

Janey is available for readings at the Crystal Castle on Thursdays and Sundays. Phone ahead to make your booking. 02 6684 3111

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Lotus Infinity Wall

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Turiya Bruce, local artist, created the lotus mosaic on the infinity wall that surrounds the pond where the four metre high Buddha statue peacefully sits.

Turiya has been an artist since a very young child and is well recognised in the Byron shire and this was to be her first time working mosaic with glass as her medium. “As the infinity wall developed so did my talents working with mosaic. I was very inspired as I love the projects Sono and Naren King create at the Crystal Castle and I loved the giant Buddha that was coming to this site—I saw it before it was out of the crate and was so impressed. Two of these four metre high Buddha’s are carved at the same time, just in case one gets damaged along the way, and each one is carved from one huge piece of stone, one giant rock. When I saw the love that had gone into the carving of this massive statue I knew that I could be with this job and give it what it needs and make a really beautiful and sacred design.

I began by sitting at the wall and doing a little prayer asking that it be beautiful and guided so that it would turn out to be fitting for the Buddha. A lotus is symbolic of beauty that grows from the deep mud and I wanted the lotus on the infinity wall to show that we all can bloom and blossom into full flower, and I prayed this project I had taken on would blossom into full flower. The whole journey to create the lotus was really quite extraordinary, and it took around ten working days to complete. It was a significantly spiritual artistic experience and an amazing learning curve that was strongly guided.”

The giant Buddha and Lotus Infinity Wall are one of the special features on the Buddha Walk at the Crystal Castle.

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Wisdom from the Readers, November

Monday 22 November 2010

Michelle has over 16 years experience giving Readings professionally, appearing twice on Australian National Television, giving Live Readings on Air. Drawing upon a lifetime study and practice of the Spiritual and Metaphysical Arts, along with a natural psychic ability, Michelle is able to give clear, transformative and practical readings using the Tarot and pure clairvoyant impressions of your "field". Michelle is also a passionate teacher of the Tarot, currently writing her own book upon the subject.

The origins of the Universe: The First 3 cards of The Tarot

The first 3 cards of the Tarot provide an amazingly powerful and concise story of the genesis of the created universe as we know it! The very first card of the Tarot is The Fool, numbered “0”. The old fashioned word for “0” is “cipher” which also means “mystery” or “puzzle”. Mystics and mathematicians agree that zero is not really a number, but more an idea of complete and utter stillness and silence. Zero is neither a plus nor a minus, neither yang nor yin, but a portal to both and to all things, a state of pure potentiality, of emptied-ness and no-thingness--innocent, open and poised. Sounds like Source Energy--the indestructible essence of all things, including you and me--doesn’t it? A perfect entry point to the profundity of Creation and the Tarot!

Like the mysterious, incomprehensible state preceding the Big Bang, this “0” which is The Fool, gives birth to the unavoidable duality inherent in our world of existence and form: Bang! Now we have the Male Yang of The Magician (1) and the Feminine Yin of The High Priestess (2)—the two fundamental principles out of which Source (0) fashions the stuff of the entire Universe!

These two cards indicate our connection to our Spiritual Father (The Magician) and our Spiritual Mother (The High Priestess). Both Principles have access to the “magic” of manifestation, but by different means. The Magician works through dynamic, active, Yang rationality and order. The High Priestess operates through passive, “allowing” feminine Yin energy, comfortable with the forces of chaos, the psyche and irrationality. BOTH ways are essential to a fulfilling life here! On a basic level, when either The Magician or The High Priestess appear, they often indicate which kind of approach is needed or at play at this time: action vs. inaction, activity vs. stillness, intervention vs. allowing, acquiring vs. letting go, left-side of the brain vs. right-side of the brain, rationality vs. feeling.

Michelle is available for readings on Mondays, please book ahead to avoid disappointment.   

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colour in Ganesh...

Sunday 7 November 2010

To celebrate the creative buzz that flies around this region, the Crystal Castle has produced a special colour-in book that is now for sale at the Welcome Hut, the Gallery and Showroom.

Ganesh Goes… Colouring Book

This gorgeous colour-in book begins with a beautiful story about the Indian deity, Ganesh. Recognised as one of the most loved gods in Hinduism and considered a great protector and remover of obstacles, Ganesh is known as the Lord of Success and Wisdom. There is a range of wonderful pictures of Ganesh to colour in and the quality of the paper makes it perfect for artists of all ages and talents.

This is just another one of the many reasons children love to visit the Crystal Castle. Come and explore the mystery of the Labyrinth, follow the Kid’s Quest around the Rainforest Walk and experience the beautiful Buddha Walk and the winding pathways through magical gardens that are home to huge statues and mammoth crystals.

After your adventure on the Quest, enjoy a yummy treat from the special kid’s menu at the Lotus Café… and of course Fireheart the Dragon awaits all little people to come and play on his back in the playground.

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Wisdom from the Readers, Margot

Tuesday 26 October 2010

This month we feature an article by resident Crystal Castle reader Margot. Margot has been reading tarot in Australia, the USA and Mexico for over 15 years. Margot is known and respected for her caring, grounded and honest readings. She has clients locally, interstate and overseas who seek her counsel to support them with making decisions or to confirm their own intuitions on any matter.

The Fool

Often when we observe people in our lives who seem to take risks which at first seem irrational to us, we later marvel when their apparently ‘foolhardy’ choices actually work out or take them into new and exciting life directions. The Fool in The Tarot represents this instinctive trust in life and the courage which allows us to move out of stuck situations, to embrace the new and to have faith in our own inner resources and intuitions. We see this sense of wonder, adventure and spontaneity in children. The Fool card reminds us that although there can be no guaranteed outcomes in life, that life is essentially a fearless, creative journey and that the best rewards often come when we are able to walk into the unknown. Reflect on a time in your life when you were frightened of risk or change but instinctively you knew that it was right and like the Fool, you walked the path on the edge of the precipice and arrived at a much happier and more rewarding place in your life.  

Margot is available for readings on Saturdays, please book ahead to avoid disappointment. 

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Wisdom from the Readers, September

Monday 20 September 2010

This month we feature an article from Janey, one of the Crystal Castle’s resident readers.

Janey has 30 years experience working with Astrology, Tarot and Palm reading and is also trained in Art Therapy and Grief & Loss Counselling. Janey has been offering her readings and words of wisdom from the Crystal Castle for 6 years.

Transformation! It’s all around us at the moment. Bare twigs sprout green leaves and flowers. The heart is filled with wonder as new life arises. In Tarot, transformation is mostly recognized by the death card, this card looks formidable, but it has positive outcomes if we gracefully accept change, let go of what doesn’t serve us and open ourselves to rebirth and transformation. In Astrology, Pluto is the great transformer. Over the last two years we have witnessed major transformations in finance and government and the need to rebuild structures that will sustain society into the future. As Pluto moves through Capricorn over the next decade, society’s structures will be radically transformed. Globally there is pressure to find new ways of being while leaving behind what no longer serves us. During this early stage, confusion and fear of the unknown arises. There is resistance but also excitement. We are all part of this, all budding flowers in the big picture, being asked in any big or small way to let go of the outmoded and move towards our inner truth and transformation.

Janey is available for readings at the Crystal Castle on Thursdays and Sundays. Contact the Crystal Castle for bookings and remember to book ahead to avoid disappointment, our readers are in hot demand.

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