NBN news visit Crystal Castle

Saturday 31 March 2012

NBN news came along for the Stupa construction day on the 29th March.

Here is an extract from the full story aired that evening.


A sacred Buddhist monument designed to last 1000 years is taking shape at the Crystal Castle.

The Kalachakra Stupa, is the first of it’s kind in the Southern Hemisphere and is meant to be a good omen in times of war, conflict and natural disasters.

Today monks placed sacred scrolls and objects inside the monument, before it was sealed shut.

“The Tibeten buddhist believe just seeing a stupa, being involved with it or just touching it or being around it in any form is good for Karma and spiritual development”

The monument should be finished before the end of the year.

Story: Anna Rosendahl

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Gyuto Monks Of Tibet

‘Standing For Peace’ The next stage of the World Peace Stupa

Thursday March 29 To Sunday April 1

Come and be part of history, helping to bring peace to our world.

Gates open 8.45 am this Thursday 29th & Friday 30th March

Free Entry both days until 10 am!

Join the monks in a historic event !

An extraordinary milestone in the completion of the World Peace Stupa will take place this week.
Thursday will see most of the body of the monument erected in one amazing day.

On Friday work continues and on Saturday at 6pm, join the monks in a remarkable Harmonic Chanting Performance, an evening fundraiser for the stupa. Pre-book your evening ticket here

The monks will continue their wonderful program right through Sunday April 1st

Click here for the full program.

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