The Seeds of a New Project

Tuesday 21 September 2010

On a recent pilgrimage to India, the owners of the Crystal Castle met up with someone you may recognise… I wonder what this very special meeting was all about??  Stay tuned ..a very important project is going to begin at the Crystal Castle! Photo shows Sono and Naren King, and their son Toby, with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, in his home in Dharamsala. Sono is giving His Holiness a very special gem rose quartz Buddhist beaded “mala”, which she has had in her collection for almost 15 years; he smiled and chuckled as he flipped it onto his arm!

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Astro Report from Varij, September

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Astrology report from Crystal Castle resident reader and Astrologer Varij.

Varij is a former tutor in Philosophy at Melbourne University and a writer for Wellbeing Astrology Magazine. A professional reader of over 25 years experience, he combines compassion and wisdom with a gifted intuition to deliver clear, positive and accurate guidance. Varij has been with the Crystal Castle for seven years and is available for readings on Tuesday's and Wednesday's.

Spring has sprung. Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, the sap in the trees is rising and love is in the air. And in the yearly round of the zodiac the sign of Virgo gives way to that of Libra at the Spring Equinox, which occurs this year at 1:10 pm on Thursday the 23rd of September, closely followed by a rising Full Moon in Aries which peaks in the early evening at 7:19 pm.  A perfect time to make or renew a vow of love, or to cast a spell of white magic to attract a beloved into your life who is just right for you.

And by a fascinating quirk of synchronicity or serendipity, this year the Sun’s transit of Libra both begins and ends with a second Full Moon in Aries, a so-called ‘Blue Moon’, exact at 12:37 pm on Saturday the 23rd of October, just before the Sun’s transit into Scorpio at 11:36 pm that very same night. A perfect time for a night of romantic passion, or to bring out the crystal ball and delve into the mysteries of fate and destiny!

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and relating. Her delight is to join lovers together in body, heart and soul, and, at her highest and best, to evoke the peace that passes all understanding, within and without. 
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Wisdom from the Readers, September

Monday 20 September 2010

This month we feature an article from Janey, one of the Crystal Castle’s resident readers.

Janey has 30 years experience working with Astrology, Tarot and Palm reading and is also trained in Art Therapy and Grief & Loss Counselling. Janey has been offering her readings and words of wisdom from the Crystal Castle for 6 years.

Transformation! It’s all around us at the moment. Bare twigs sprout green leaves and flowers. The heart is filled with wonder as new life arises. In Tarot, transformation is mostly recognized by the death card, this card looks formidable, but it has positive outcomes if we gracefully accept change, let go of what doesn’t serve us and open ourselves to rebirth and transformation. In Astrology, Pluto is the great transformer. Over the last two years we have witnessed major transformations in finance and government and the need to rebuild structures that will sustain society into the future. As Pluto moves through Capricorn over the next decade, society’s structures will be radically transformed. Globally there is pressure to find new ways of being while leaving behind what no longer serves us. During this early stage, confusion and fear of the unknown arises. There is resistance but also excitement. We are all part of this, all budding flowers in the big picture, being asked in any big or small way to let go of the outmoded and move towards our inner truth and transformation.

Janey is available for readings at the Crystal Castle on Thursdays and Sundays. Contact the Crystal Castle for bookings and remember to book ahead to avoid disappointment, our readers are in hot demand.

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Through The Eyes Of.. Madonna

Friday 17 September 2010

Q. Name, nickname and tell us briefly about yourself?
Madonna aka Madz.
Well, I’m female, a human being living on planet Earth. My connection to the Crystal Castle; I have been working at the Crystal Castle for two and a half years and I find that since I’ve been here it has literally fast tracked my spiritual development. It’s like working in a modern day mystery school, where we are well supported by the other people that are on the team and also the visitors who come to the Crystal Castle. It’s such a beautiful blessing to be surrounded by crystal gifts from mother Earth and nature. Plus all the animals that join us here.

Q. What is your favourite dish from the Lotus Cafe?
Asian noodle salad with Tofu as I’m vegan. Nice to be catered for.

Q. Do you have a favourite statue and why?
Ganesh.. Who I have a personal connection to. When I was really young I had a dream that there was an elephant in my front yard and he kept on changing colours. I was dancing around with this elephant on a grassy knoll and later on I discovered it was Ganesh. He is the remover of obstacles and the keeper of wisdom.

Q. If you could buy anything from the Crystal Castle, what would you buy?
I guess it would have to be the Rose Quartz fountain. Q. why? If you saw it you would know why.. It’s such an amazing visual meditation in the heart of the Crystal Castle grounds, connecting with Rose Quartz energies and the water. It’s just divine.

Q. What's your favourite crystal and why?
My all time fave would have to be Moldavite. Simply because it makes me feel like I’m home.

Q Do you have an anecdote / special moment / story about a Crystal Castle visitor.
I have a memory from about a year ago of doing an aura photo for a girl who was about 15 years old. She was here with members of her family, about 6 of them and when we unveiled the aura photo there was a bright red dot right in the centre of her forehead, something I had never seen before, her and all her friends started crying because ever since she was little they had always called her Swami and there it was, this bright red light in her energetic Aura photo. There are lots of mystical and magical things that happen here and I’m constantly surprised and amazed

Thanks Madz.

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Crystal Spirit Card Reading, Amethyst

Wednesday 15 September 2010

The Spirit of Amethyst helps to bring a more meditative state, activating higher consciousness, opening communication with our?Guardian Angels.??Helping to clear any debris from you life Amethyst brings in a feeling  ?of 'the sweetness of life' to permeate your whole being.??Allow Amethyst to open the doors to the divine and show you the path  ?to peaceful bliss.

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In and Around the Crystal Castle

Tuesday 14 September 2010

The Discovery Room.

Crystal Castle offers an enchanting experience, far removed from everyday life. Surround yourself with tranquil rainforests, awe inspiring natural wonders, magical gardens and mystical statues. Adding to your experience with us is the wonder that can be found inside our new ‘Discovery Room.’ Deepen your mind with a crystal singing bowl meditation, or a guided medicine drum journey, watch as beautiful artwork is created before your very eyes. Explore, create and discover the sights and sounds of our dedicated Discovery Room, you never know what enchanting experiences lay ahead…

Our Discovery Room programme is always changing and ever evolving. Every weekend the Discovery Room will feature a guest speaker, facilitator, healer or an interactive workshop. For the kids we offer free face painting on the weekends and during most school holidays. Here are a few delighted faces, take a look at some of our recent visitors.

September/October ~ Our special guests this school holidays will include; Irena who will run an interactive workshop on creating your own piece of Spiritual Art. Ioa facilitates Heart Song, finding your own heart song and the healing power of sound. Christina Rose and Gareme present a guided meditation connecting to the angelic flower realm. Janey who offers and interactive Art demonstration and Chicchan who guides you through a Crystal Singing Bowls meditation.

Check out the full programme for further information, click here

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