Sunday March 8th, 2009. 10 am - 1 pm. (NSW Time)

Come and be a part of our fun day planting rainforest trees at the Crystal Castle!
We will be planting up to 1,000 trees on the day. It's free and you also get free entry to the Crystal Castle on the day (just mention you have come for the tree planting), All you need to bring is a hat, sunscreen, gloves and suitable footwear. See you on the day.

Today on the Rainforest Walk cicadas trill loudly, Fig Birds feed on the berries from the Native Peach and butterflies drift gracefully through the planting. In May 2006, Rainforest Rescue established the first trees in its Plant a Rainforest Project inviting the community to get hands on. Already, some trees are five and six metres tall. In March 2008, volunteers were again called forth to plant a diverse range of trees, shrubs and understory species to bring the planting tally to an impressive 4,000 since the start of the project. Natural regeneration of some species has occurred and with lots of rain during the past wet season over 7,000 plants are now thriving.

The Crystal Castle is just one of 10 sites on the New South Wales far north coast where Rainforest Rescue is working to re-establish rainforest, restore biodiversity, connect fragmented habitats and sequester CO2.

Last year, in this region through the Plant a Rainforest Project 20,000 rainforest plants were established.


The Rainforest Walk Stage 2 is now open, the path meandering almost 1 km.

Click on the following link to be directed to the Rainforest Rescue website.

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Victorian Fires and Queensland Flood Victims blessing

Everyone at the Crystal Castle sends blessings and healing to all those affected by the fires and floods in Australia. Our hearts go out to everyone touched by this tragedy.....

The Crystal Castle will be contributing $3,000 worth of crystals, jewellery and gift vouchers for the 'Byron to the Bush Fundraiser' to be held at Byron Beach Hotel on Sunday March 8th.

Naren and Sono King & the Crystal Castle team.

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Fern is an internationally renowned tarot reader, bringing with her over 30 years experience.

She is also a Registered Naturopath and Psychologist,
as well as a United Nations’ World Health Organization Consultant.

She has published extensively, and has appeared on TV and radio.
Her guidance and intuition has been received by all kinds of people:
from Heads of State, bank managers, doctors and politicians to Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and people like You!

Call for days available and bookings…

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Crystal Castle Nursery Now Open

Friday 6 February 2009

Due to popular demand, there is now a nursery next to our "Welcome Hut." Here you can pick up a variety of beautiful plants from the Crystal Castle Buddha Gardens.

Some of the available plants are…

Ginger and Costus varieties
Amazon Lily
Tibouchina varieties
Succulents Hosta



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$200 Shopping Spree Winner

Wednesday 4 February 2009

$200 Shopping Spree Winner ....


Our lucky winner is from Woodridge, QLD.
Look out for more competitions, coming your way soon!!

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